Pop Lock & Shop It!

We had such a great turn out of Saturday! So many familiar faces and even more new ones! My heart was so filled seeing such a crowded store pretty much all 4 hours! Thanks to all the vendors, donors, and customers who made this possible.Much love!



Jacky of BeetxBeet decorating the window!

Swag Bags

Swag Bags are ready to go!

Photo Booth

Photo booth…CHECK!


Window complete!


We had a line before opening at noon!


Processed with VSCO

Plant Food For People Tacos





Processed with VSCO

Yum! Plant Food For People!



Processed with VSCO

The Vegan Cool Kids showing off their swag bags!


Processed with VSCO

We had a birthday in the house! 


Processed with VSCO

“I just came for these cards”


Processed with VSCO

Janet showing off her swag bag goodies! Schmidt’s deodorant, Louisville Vegan Jerky, and Beanfields chips!


Processed with VSCO

Some passers by looks at the Farm Sanctuary info table!


Processed with VSCO

Cuties at the photo booth!


Processed with VSCO

Trang and Zoe with some gems! Todo Verde agua fresca, BeetxBeet tank, and Victoria Mikell Pastries!




Cupcakes Victoria

Victoria Mikell Pastries!




Green Velvet cupcakes naturally dyed with kale juice! Sooo yummy.



Group photo with BeetxBeet

vegan party grew

Vegan Party Crew representing!


What  a crowd!


DJ BipJeffington!


The vegan Sir Richard’s condoms were a hit!

Sandwhich board

Thanks all folks! See you next time!




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