Breakfast of Champions (and everyone else)


I know previously posted a watermelon smoothie, but it’s my new favorite thing and I do what I want! I’m really the opposite of a watermelon fan but in smoothies they become magical.

For the Smoothie:





Almond milk (or any non dairy milk)

OJ (the drink not the murdered)


*I usually use strawberries and it gives it a more vibrant color and really refreshing taste but I was out today.  Also I only used half a banana because the taste can over power the other flavors sometimes. But add in whatever you like! No rules here!

For the Toast:

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin  Bread (or whatever)

Vegan Cream Cheese (I used Trader Joe’s)

Nectarine and Figs (or any fresh fruit)

Salt and Brown sugar

S&T 1 S&T3S&T$

For the smoothie: Blend everything but the ice then add the ice (crushed ice blends better without the big chunks) and then give another quick blend.

For the Toast: Toast the bread, add cream cheese then fruit. I found the figs were not as flavorful as I had hoped so I added a tiny pinch f salt and a pinch of brown sugar over the top and WOW; It really brought the flavor out.

This is my go to breakfast for the week.

*Not pictured is the handful of potato chips I also had with breakfast*

Chomp Chomp Chomp!