The past few days I have been feeling a little down and overwhelmed about things I can’t control. I’m on tour working for an amazing group called Animal Equality. I, along with another girl, are taking the 5 minute video, iAnimal narrated by the one and only Tony Kanal (that’s exciting because now if I ever meet him I’ll have an excuse to talk to him) to California college campuses for the next two months. The video is footage of how pigs are raised for food. The video and hard to watch from start to finish. It’s mind boggling how any of this is legal, and it’s down right depressing that anyone could do the things in this video to a living creature. It’s also been very hard to show this to people and have a handful of them tell you it had no affect on them.  And what is it all for? For a tasty lunch  or dinner?

People ask me why I don’t eat meat. People wonder what the big deal is, people say we have been eating if for years so what’s the problem? If you ask people if they love animals the vast majority of them will say yes. No one wants to hurt animals or see them suffer. But that’s the problem; you can go your whole life and not personally hurt an animal because you can pay someone to do it for you and pick it up at the market or a restaurant without ever having to face the facts of how it got there. What I’m hoping to do with this tour is show people that animal abuse is standard practice and that there are other and better ways to live and let live.

Humans have done a lot of things for a lot of years; is that a reason to continue a flawed way of thinking? We also used to enslave black people. We also used to used to not allow women basic rights, but we learn, grown, change, and do better.

People say, “but we are meant to eat meat.” I’ll let Gary Yourofsky explain it. *Disclaimer: I’m not fully behind all his statements but he knows his facts and explains things well.

I had a animal science major tell me they have to pin the mother pigs down to protect them from crushing the babies. My point is that we shouldn’t have them in these tiny pens to begin with which would cause them to crush their babies. You can’t initiate a problem and use that to justify your wrongs.

Screenshot 2016-04-03 11.53.39

I saw videos like this when I was 14 and decided from them on that yes, meat tasted and smelled awesome, but it was no longer worth it to me knowing where it came from. The more I learned the more I realized that I don’t need it to be healthy, to be happy, to thrive. I know plenty of fat, thin, buff, lazy vegans to know that anyone and everyone can live without eating meat.

*Both David Cater and Torre Washingon are vegan

I haven’t felt this way since first learning about factory farming and animal abuse but being so immersed in this topic for the next two months is going to have hard days.

I hope one day people look back and say, “I can’t believe we used to eat animals.” What I have been telling students when they ask why I’m vegan is, “If I can live my life without harming another’s, why wouldn’t I?”

I hope at least some of these people will see what’s going on and be affected enough to take meat off their plates even if just once a week. We are asking people to cut back and try Meatless Mondays or Meatless Monday Wednesday Friday. Hopefully we are planting seeds that will eventually grow. These animals don’t deserve to suffer  and I wish I could do more to help. Cutting out animal products is the best decision I have ever made and I hope you take a look at my Instagram and realize that I have not sacrificed eating good food in any way. If you have any questions at all about how o cut back or cut out meat from your diet, I’d be more than willing to help you. NO judgement, I used to eat meat too. I’m here to help!

I’ll  leave you with my current favorite video to lighten the mood.

Pop Lock & Shop It!

We had such a great turn out of Saturday! So many familiar faces and even more new ones! My heart was so filled seeing such a crowded store pretty much all 4 hours! Thanks to all the vendors, donors, and customers who made this possible.Much love!



Jacky of BeetxBeet decorating the window!

Swag Bags

Swag Bags are ready to go!

Photo Booth

Photo booth…CHECK!


Window complete!


We had a line before opening at noon!


Processed with VSCO

Plant Food For People Tacos





Processed with VSCO

Yum! Plant Food For People!



Processed with VSCO

The Vegan Cool Kids showing off their swag bags!


Processed with VSCO

We had a birthday in the house! 


Processed with VSCO

“I just came for these cards”


Processed with VSCO

Janet showing off her swag bag goodies! Schmidt’s deodorant, Louisville Vegan Jerky, and Beanfields chips!


Processed with VSCO

Some passers by looks at the Farm Sanctuary info table!


Processed with VSCO

Cuties at the photo booth!


Processed with VSCO

Trang and Zoe with some gems! Todo Verde agua fresca, BeetxBeet tank, and Victoria Mikell Pastries!




Cupcakes Victoria

Victoria Mikell Pastries!




Green Velvet cupcakes naturally dyed with kale juice! Sooo yummy.



Group photo with BeetxBeet

vegan party grew

Vegan Party Crew representing!


What  a crowd!


DJ BipJeffington!


The vegan Sir Richard’s condoms were a hit!

Sandwhich board

Thanks all folks! See you next time!




Vegan Pop Up Shop!

Sapling Vegan Present s Pop Lock & Shop It! A pop-up shop benefiting Farm Sanctuary!
Join us Saturday March 5th from 12-4pm to see all your favorite local vegan vendors under one roof in the heart of Melrose Ave!
So come shop, hang out, snap some pics, eat some food, and bob your head because we’ll have Dj @bipjeffington! Invite friends and repost ! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Farm Sanctuary so spread the word!

Pop Lock & Shop It with is On March 5th!

Come out and play! If you’re in Southern California please come out and enjoy us for some shopping, mingling, grooving, and tacos!  We’re got a great lineup of local vegan vendors. Supporting a small local business is always a great idea so we hope to see you there even if you’re just there for the tacos haha.

So who are you most excited for!?
Can’t wait to see you there!
Still have room for a few vendors. If you like to apply please contact Stephanie at 
**Swag bags for the first 20 people to make a purchase!
**Check the Facebook event page for updates!

LA Vegan Shop-Up Pop-Up!

I love love love all  the vegan pop-ups that are coming this week! (Ok just two but that’s two more than there were any other week!)

First up is a super rad Ethical Pop Up Shop on Wednesday December 2nd!

Ethical pop up

This Ethical Pop Up will have goodies from:

Bead & Reel, an online all vegan and ethical store.

Bead Reel

Something cute from Bead & Reel

 NICORA, the coolest vegan shoes to hit the market AND all USA made:


Red Sally shoes from NICORA

 Hipsters for Sisters, a mother /daughter duo making unique purses you can wear a ton of cool ways.


Belt Bag from Hipsters for Sisters

and Peace Exchange who creates jobs and empowers women in other countries!

Peace Exchange

Tote from Peace Exchane

The Ethical Pop Up is free to attend but you need to RSVP.

And here is the Facebook event page.


NEXT is….Vegan Holiday Shop- Up  put on by Mercy For Animals, one of my favorite animal rights organizations!

MFA shop up

Saturday December 5th from 12-6pm

7908 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California 90046

I’m so excited for this (if you look closely I’m in the above image swingin’ mah hair like I’m Willow Smith)


This Shop-Up will have goodies from:

VauteCouture, super fashionable coats, dresses, and shirts.


 James Payne, the sexiest vegan leather jackets I’v ever seen!

James Payne

BEETXBEET, the best of the best for vegan apparel with a side of awareness.


Dana Young, rad jewelry.

Dana Young

 Mink Shoes, vegan shoes!

Mink Shoes

   Bungalow 360, cutie bags.

Bungalow 360

 Vegan Collection, wallets and belts.

The Vegan Collection

I can’t wait to get my shop on!

So many cool vegan things popping up. I love how accessable veganism is becoming ❤

Have you heard of these brands? What’s your favorite?! Comment below!

I’ll post my loot on IG @sapling_vegan