Healthy Surprise Snack Box Review

Well well well, look what came in the mail …a giant box of things to eat. Things are looking up.


It came looking a lot prettier but I tore it apart in excitement in terrible lighting so I tried to reassemble for this shot.

Healthy Surprise sent me this box to review and someone must have tipped them off that I love chips because looky looky what was in my box…so many chips!


I had to try these ASAP. They did not last long. So sweet and yummy!


Oh look, more chips! I think I have had these before. I like when chips are made of beans. These are the kind of things that get a vegan girl excited. Also, I love things with salt on them. Go salt!


CHIPS! I’m always runnin’ around with a little tiny human and I think these will be nice to have in my bag to snack on if the tiny human doesn’t chomp them all down before I do. Also, I LOVE salt. These were a little too good.  It says there are 6 servings in this bag…opps. I ate 3/4ths of that bag in 20 minutes.


I just bought seaweed yesterday! I’m a little scared to try these cuz the bag says Spicy and I’m not a fan of spicy but I’ll give it a try.Image

I really don’t like olives but my mom does and she chomped these down so hard. Must have been good!


I’ve had this bar before. Super yummy! I like that it’s all fruit with no added crap. I know the tiny human will try to steal this one from me, luckily I’m much stronger than her. This one is all mine. Image

Chocolate Kale? What the S?! I had to open this right away. The bag is big but there was not a whole lot inside. It was crunchy and oh so yummy. I ate a chunk right out of the bag but the package says you can eat it with non dairy milk like a cereal. Kale cereal?!  But really, this was delicious!


I love snacking on dried fruit. I was happy to see this one in there.


Yay for chocolate! I don’t like coffee but I am totally into coffee flavored things! It’s a winner!


Another bar, always good to have in a hungry belly emergency! I ate this the other day when I was rushing out of the house and didn’t have time to eat anything. I think it was my favorite thing in the box. It tasted kinda like a fruit by the foot but more substantial and a hundred times more delicious.


So I always see these things and think they are for babies. Which I’m ok with; baby food is amazing. But I guess they are for everyone, not just kids haha. I really liked this! I think this is something I will buy if I see it at a store.


So this is a monthly subscription box with the option of 3 sizes. This was the smallest  box labeled Starter Box that is meant to feed 1-2 people. All the snacks are full size which I like because I used to get the vegan cuts box and it usually had 1 or 2 full size items and I ate the box with in 2 days (and they always send tea- bleh). I chomped down this box fairly quickly too but mostly because I wanted to post if I liked it or not so I was in a hurry to try things.

The boxes are on the pricey side. This box goes for $40 (free USA shipping) and the largest box with 27+ full size snacks goes for $95 I guess the idea is to have all healthy snacks that are not so easy to get your hands on come right to your house so you pay a little for the convenience and variety. I think these would be a super gift to give pretty much anyone. I know if a friend send me a box of snacks I’d be super stoked.

Oh and here is another fun bit of info: All snacks are soy free, gluten free. vegan, wheat free, corn free, all natural with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial anything added.

Thanks Healthy Surprise! I loved my box ( I’m so full…)

9 thoughts on “Healthy Surprise Snack Box Review

  1. You’re so funny i can’t even handle you.
    Gimme the tea from the vegan cuts box if you don’t want it!
    That coffee chocolate looks so good and so does the chocolate kale!

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