Bark Box!

These fools are not vegan at all but I just had to show you how stoked they were for their Bark Box. Lady was so happy her ear turned inside out.

I got a 3 month Bark Box subscription for Christmas as a gift. Here is the joy that ensued.





That stick under Harry’s nose didn’t stay in the box for more than a few seconds.¬†Image

It was a little creepy to feed my dog alligator…Image

She was so happy she could hardly contain herself!ImageImageImage

Do any of you have vegan pets? What are your thoughts on the matter? I have thought about switching them but really don’t know much about it? Any advise one way or the other is welcome.

Growin’ food…hopefully


zucchini then…


zucchini now.


nevada lettuce


I have no idea how to take care of a plant let alone a plant for eating so let’s all cross our fingers and hope these grow into something edible.

ImageHarry likes carrots and lettuce

ImageChubs likes carrots but hates lettuce