Healthy Surprise Snack Box Review

Well well well, look what came in the mail …a giant box of things to eat. Things are looking up.   It came looking a lot prettier but I tore it apart in excitement in terrible lighting so I tried … Continue reading

My 1st Giveaway!

I wanted to thank my friends, family, and internet strangers for all the kind supportive words they’ve shared since I started this little snoop bloggy blog. So what better way to thank you than to give you free stuff? Are you ready for some good time happy free giveaway stuffs? Great! Here are the goods!Image

Lesser Evil is a company I discovered through my vegan cuts snack box. They sent the Southern Barbeque Chia Crisps and I fell in love! Today I tried the Kale and Roasted Garlic White Bean Quinoa Lentil Chia Bites and they are just as yummy!

Lesser Evil was nice enough to send me a bunch stuff to try or giveaway so I’m keeping the Kale Roasted Garlic Bites and the rest are yours!



Upton’s Naturals is a brand I think I discovered at Whole Foods. They are a super cute mustachey company based in Chicago.I know fake meat is not for every vegan but if you’re going to  use a meat substitute, do it right. This is by far the best meat substitute I’ve ever tried. They have five different kinds of seitan. The Chorizo flavor is do die for! They also make tamales now! Say whaaat?! I haven’t tried them yet but I plan on makin’ it happen ASAP.  Anywho Upton’s was super nice and sent me over some cool time happy merchandise and coupons for free products!


*I just added some yummy treats from Justin’s. Nut butters and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. WAAAAA!!!!

How to win!

I’m going to pick the winner Friday so you have a week to qualify. All I ask is that you “like” my facebook page or follow my wordpress blog and leave a comment in this post (or the fb post) about what you’ve done or are planning to do this year to be a little more veg friendly. Are you going to switch your cow’s milk to almond milk? Are you going to use tofu over chicken once a week? Are you going to switch your shampoo to one that doesn’t animal test? I want to hear about it! Also feel free to specify what product you’d like to try. I can’t guarantee you’ll get your 1st pick but I promise all the stuff is awesome! I’ll pick a handful of winners at random and announce the winners on Friday!


Snack Attack!

I was pretty bummed at Vegan Cuts last month after my September box failed to show up and it took them a month to send a replacement box. But I’ve got to admit that getting two boxes at once is nothing to complain about.

Here is a peek inside:

September box:

Vegan tuna…interesting, I’ll let you know how that goes. That huge bag of chips was open before I could open the October box! Everything look good, but I’m not a fan of the Emmy’s lemon ginger macaroons.


October Box: I thought it was supposed to have a Halloween theme so I was sad to see it did not but the stuff looks good. An energy drink? That should be fun haha. I would really like to have a few more full sized products and a few less tiny samples so I don’t eat my whole box in 30 minutes.


This little guy was hiding during the picture. Rescue Chocolate gives 100% of net profits sold from each candy to an animal rescue organization. How cool it that?! The bars are pretty pricey ($10 for a full sized candy bar) but it’s for the pups and it’s delicious and vegan so eat up!



Happy snacking! I think I’m going to cancel my snack box for a while and give the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box a shot. I hope they send LVX Nail Polish!