What sort of terrorist would make this video?

I get not wanting to know about something and turning a blind eye. I do that with a lot of things, I’ll admit. But once you DO know, how is it possible to say such heartless things as, “but they taste so good. animals are for eating, we’re top of the food chain and people have been eating animals since humans existed.”

Great argument (not really), they do taste good, but they also feel the pain of churning out hundreds of babies and being milked til they are raw and infected, love their young who are taken away days after birth, have working brains that are affected by dirty, cramped living conditions, and succumb to the elements, often dying in transport from heat exhaustion.

The other day I was driving on 100°+ weather in my air conditioned car. I drove past a truck of cows being transported a good 6 hours away (the name of the city was on the side of the truck), I could see they were super cramped and covered in their own poop in a metal truck that was probably at least 110° inside. The trucks pull over to re fuel, not water breaks. But who cares right? Bacon is awesome.

Asian Noodles- is that P.C.?

I make this all the time cuz it’s super easy and super fast. You can pretty much throw in any veggie and it will work. Bok choy, kale, carrots, zucchini, spinach, you know…whatever, even beans! Adding beans in here takes me to a happy place. Pinto is my bean of choice.

Everything you will need, but don’t use blurry vegetables

Everything you’ll need for the sauce but you don’t really need salt, I’m a dum dum. The amino Acids add a lot of salt flavor

Cut your veggies into sticks. Zucchini, carrots, green onions, and garlic. I looove garlic so. You can add whatever you like. I usually don’t add zucchini but it was in the fridge and why the hell not, right?

Add the chopped garlic and some garlic powder in there too, oh and more garlic.2T Liquid Aminos

1.5T vegan worcestershire sauce and sesame oil

Add about half the sauce to cook with the veggies then add the rest after you add the noodles and kale.