Healthy Surprise Snack Box Review

Well well well, look what came in the mail …a giant box of things to eat. Things are looking up.   It came looking a lot prettier but I tore it apart in excitement in terrible lighting so I tried … Continue reading

Bark Box!

These fools are not vegan at all but I just had to show you how stoked they were for their Bark Box. Lady was so happy her ear turned inside out.

I got a 3 month Bark Box subscription for Christmas as a gift. Here is the joy that ensued.





That stick under Harry’s nose didn’t stay in the box for more than a few seconds. Image

It was a little creepy to feed my dog alligator…Image

She was so happy she could hardly contain herself!ImageImageImage

Do any of you have vegan pets? What are your thoughts on the matter? I have thought about switching them but really don’t know much about it? Any advise one way or the other is welcome.

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!


I got my 1st Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts. I decided to switch from the snack box because I found it wasn’t lasting very long. I ate it all up so fast and there were a few things in it I didn’t care for.

I can’t wait to try the nail polish! I gave the deodorant a shot. Pretty good. And that little soap samples smells amazing. Pretty sure i’ll like everything in here so 1st box is a hit!

Snack Attack!

I was pretty bummed at Vegan Cuts last month after my September box failed to show up and it took them a month to send a replacement box. But I’ve got to admit that getting two boxes at once is nothing to complain about.

Here is a peek inside:

September box:

Vegan tuna…interesting, I’ll let you know how that goes. That huge bag of chips was open before I could open the October box! Everything look good, but I’m not a fan of the Emmy’s lemon ginger macaroons.


October Box: I thought it was supposed to have a Halloween theme so I was sad to see it did not but the stuff looks good. An energy drink? That should be fun haha. I would really like to have a few more full sized products and a few less tiny samples so I don’t eat my whole box in 30 minutes.


This little guy was hiding during the picture. Rescue Chocolate gives 100% of net profits sold from each candy to an animal rescue organization. How cool it that?! The bars are pretty pricey ($10 for a full sized candy bar) but it’s for the pups and it’s delicious and vegan so eat up!



Happy snacking! I think I’m going to cancel my snack box for a while and give the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box a shot. I hope they send LVX Nail Polish!