John Joseph Tells You How To Juice

Cro-Mags singer John Joseph tell it like it is while juicing.

Key tips:

“Celery. Guys, if you have sex all night and you need to replenish; let me tell you, this is the porno stars trick right here. ”

“If you bust a buncha nuts one night, this stuff right here(spinach) and celery and blueberries. You throw that shit in a shake, That’s what you wanna be drinkin.”

“One good word of advice. When you’re juicing, you wanna do it on an empty stomach. If you ate a big meal then you start drinkin’ juice, you’re gotta fart like a motha fucka.”

“I would rather live 70 years and thrive like motha fucka than live 100 years and be fuckin’ sick all the time.”

“Maca is for the cocka.”

Set Yourself Up for Healthy Eating Success

We all see an awesome recipe and say, “I’m going to make that!” or “I’m going to start eating better!” and then most of the time we don’t…or at least that’s what I do.

Soooo…I have been doing my best to follow through with these promises.

When I first became vegetarian I was a total junk food veg head. Cereal all day everyday,unfrosted pop tarts, pasta, carbs, carbs, carbs, and not a lot of fruit or veggies. So here is a good tip for new vegetarians/vegans:


Prechop! Go to the store and buy all the fruits and veggies you tell yourself you’re going  to eat and then take some time (15 minutes or so) when you get home to just prep them all at once so when you need them you can just grab and use them instead of having to wash, peel, seed,chop, slice, and!

I love smoothies in the morning and don’t want to take a lot time to make them; I’m hungry NOW damn it! I just did it for my smoothie stuff but it’s great to do with onions, carrots, celery, even garlic (just store it in a tiny glass jar with some olive oil for the week).

ImageI’ve never had a papaya so when I cut this sucker open I couldn’t stop staring at the seeds and playing with them. Can you eat those?! They look like baby boba.

Image Slice and take off the rinds.

ImageFrozen bananas are the cool kids of smoothie ingredients. When I first tried this years ago, I just stuck a whole banana in the freezer. DUMB. You have to slice it and if they don’t touch when your freeze them it makes life much easier. Here I laid them out on a small cookie sheet and covered them with some parchment paper.

ImageImage Toss those bad boys in the fridge pop um out for snacks and smoothie!