Coconut Cream “Doughnuts”

I got the recipe from Full Raw Kristina. My sister made it and it was uhhh gaaahh bahh so good and I had to have more so I made some for myself.

What you need:

2 young coconuts


3 dates



What to do:

Scrape out the meat from 2 young coconuts, if you ever get them open that is. Any tips on how to do this would be much appreciated. Add meat, dates, vanilla, and enough  coconut water to help it blend up (start with very little, you can always add more!).

That’s pretty much it.  Fully Raw Kristina used Saturn peaches; I just cut the ends of regular sized peaches. Add some jam and top with cream and sprinkles because why the hell not? Eat up! Or just eat that stuff right out of the blender and watch the Price is Right.