Cheap Eats!

I live oh so very close to a farmer’s market called Farmer’s Market but I never seem to do much shopping there. I have been finding it difficult to eat enough food on a raw diet without breaking the bank so I decided to give it a try after hearing Plant Based on a Budget put out their $25/week grocery list and meal plan and talk about shopping at cheaper stores and buying bulk.

So here is what I walked away with for $9.99. I know if I got all the same things at Trader Joe’s or another market I would have spent double.

2 mangos (2/$1!)

2 bunches of cilantro ( 0.33/each)

2 bunches of kale ($1)

a bag of carrots ($0.45)

2 oranges

3 zucchini

a bag of sesame seeds (almost $3 so that was my most expensive item)

a carton of cherry tomatoes

a bag of green beans