End of Raw Challenge Day 25

Well well well. My raw challenge was definitely a challenge. I’d say weeks 1 and 2 I stuck with it the most. For the first two weeks I’d say I ate about 90% raw. I added in tofu to my salads and had a little not raw peanut butter. The last two weeks I always ate raw for breakfast (that was easy, just a smoothie!) But think I went to about 50% raw. I tried to eat fruit for lunch but also ate other cooked veggies with it and sometimes cous cous. I also stuck to big salads for dinner the majority of the time. I ate really well for the most part but I did end up cooking my veggies here and there. Oh ya and I had Thai food yesterday. Moving on!

My after pictures are pretty much the same as the before pictures but I’ll post anyway.

Stats are pretty much the same but I gained 1.2 pounds (I’m blaming my period for that). Here is the Day 1 post.

Stephanie: 116.2 lbs

Wasit: 29 inches

Hips 38.5 inches


Oh Harry, always by my side. Image

So here are my thought on going raw:

I had not read up on anything before I started. I’m not knowledgeable about how certain foods or nutrients are absorbed in my body. It’s hard for me to understand how eating monomeals (ex:a meal of all bananas or all mangos) is good for you. I’m not saying it’s bad or good for you because I honestly have no idea the science behind it but even if it’s great for you it’s still hard to do! I think 21 days is a quick amount of time to change your whole lifestyle but it’s a start that can open some doors.

I know when I started I was for sure NOT eating enough calories. This made me lightheaded and so I stopped exercising. I really was doing it all wrong. Fully Raw Kristina promotes eating enough and always staying active and even did a video on all top challenges you’d face going raw, almost all of which I faced.

It was so hard for me. Even after eating a HUGE salad for dinner I would feel so stuffed I wanted to sit and do nothing. I’m used to my food giving me energy but I was trying to eat enough and it was leaving me feeling too full.

I know FULLY raw is not a lifestyle I plan on adopting but it did have it’s benefits!

What I did enjoy about going raw:

My skin was lovely! Since going vegan my skin has looked so much better than ever before but I’d still have little issues. My skin was so soft the past few weeks and I didn’t break out as much as usual when I started my period.

I got to try new recipes! When I went vegan it really did broaden my food horizons! So many new foods and flavors were introduced to me. I LOVE eating and being vegan has opened so many doors to  wonderful new foods I don’t think I would have discovered had I not made the switch. I think going raw allowed me to try things in a new way. For starters I discovered buckwheat groats! And dates…omg I love dates. I had eaten them before but now they are my besties for life.

I’m really going to try to incorporate more raw foods into my diet but as for 100% raw, I don’t think it’s for me at this point in my life. Never say never! When I was vegetarian I said I’d NEVER go vegan and here I am almost 3.5 years in and I can’t imagine going back. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my life thus far and I mean that to my core. It’s brought so much love, life, and happiness into my life and I’m sorry to sound like such a hippie tree hugger but It really has changed my life!

I fully support the “do what you can” attitude in making the switch to eating more plant based foods and less animal products. If you’re not ready to go vegan, don’t! Try meatless mondays. Just start buying almond milk (or soy or coconut or whatever) instead of cows milk (my sis made a good post about dairy you can check out if you’re wondering why cow’s milk is not so great for you). You love bacon? Well give up all meat and eat your bacon. It’s better than just throwing in the towel because it seems too hard daunting.

Anyone else try going raw  or are you new to veganism? What were your experiences? What is the hardest part for you?

Now to eat some pizza…


Fully Raw Day 1

Ok guys…I’m a little nervous but I’m going fully raw (ok it will probably end up being MOSTLY raw) for the next 21 days! I’ve never tried going raw before so this may be a bit challenging seeing as I love pizza and chips. I had some delicious Indian food  and then ate at Healthy Junk last night to go out with a bang.

So I have somehow convinced my mother to do the challenge with me (not vegan at all) and as motivation to stick with it I’m posting our weights and measurements (she won’t let me post her before pictures)!

Stephanie: 115 lbs

Wasit: 29 inches

Hips 38.5 inches

Alma: 145.4 lbs

Waist: 37 inches

Hips: 43 inches

Here are my before shots: Eek!


Harry is confused:


I’m following Fully Raw Kristina’s 21 Day Challege. She says the number one mistake when going raw is not eating enough. So I’m going to try my best to keep eating (that’s never been a problem before!) I spent so much money yesterday on fruit and only got about half the things on her week 1 list. I’m going to just buy organic for the dirty dozen and get the rest at cheap corner markets and see if that helps.


Day one I made her Sunbust Juice


1-2 Large Pineapples, Sliced

5-7 Pink Lady for Fuji Apples

Juice of 7 Oranges

Juice of 1 Lemon

3-4 Leaves of Kale

Run all ingredients through your juicer, strain, and enjoy!  (I didn’t strain mine)




I might be posting more on facebook for little updates so check that out if you like! https://www.facebook.com/saplingvegan