Horchata? Yes, please!


I don’t remember if I didn’t like horchata or if I had just never tried it but after having a glass at Gracias Madre in San Francisco, I fell in love! (One just opened in LA!)

I thought I’d try my hand at making some Horchata. I just kinda looked at a handful of recpies and winged it so I’ll tell you what I did (sort of) but I didn’t write down any measurements. Opps. I’ll try it again one day and make a for real recipe.

Last night I soaked about 1 3/4 cup of almonds and 1 cup of rice (half brown half white…like me!)

Today I blended the nuts with the water then strained through cheese cloth (I’ve never used cheese cloth before. I made a huge mess… I need to practice with this. Then I did the same for the rice



Then I used the pulp from both and another cup of blended rice and soaked it again in some water with some cinnamon and 2 or 3 blended dates (I don’t know if the dates really enhanced anything). Then after an hour or two I strained that. Mixed it all together, added more cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and about 1/4 cup of sugar. I just tasted it and adjusted as needed, more cinnamon here, a pound of sugar there, you know.



Pop a lid on those suckers and pour them over ice all day ‘ery day.



No Time for Breakfast?!

Remember that time (all those times) you skipped breakfast because you can’t find the time in the morning to get something in your belly before you head out? Well have I got a solution for you. Do it NOW! Smoothies are a go to raw breakfast. Just chop up everything you’ll need (which will take you all of 1 minutes to peel and slice a banana and cut the tops off a few strawberries). Throw it in your to go cup and pop it in the fridge.


In the morning all you’ll have to do it add your liquid of choice (today was fresh young coconut water, which if you’re cutting that sucker up in the morning you probably won’t save any time at all haha. Just use OJ, or a non dairy milk!



Raw Day 2 Breakfast


It’s not from Kristina’s site. But it’s raw! (well i used almond milk from the store…is that raw?)

2 bananas

3 big strawberries

and handful of each:

blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

1 stick of celery

OJ and almond milk

* made 32oz of this. I need a bigger glass!

Day one started off OK. I had to run to the restroom a lot after about 45 oz of that juice. Lunch was a big salad and that was delicious. I didn’t really plan ahead and just drank juice for dinner and that left me feeling crappy. I’m going to plan now for dinner and hopefully it will start to get easier pretty soon.

Thanks for all the support, friends! Let me know if you’ve tried raw and how it went for you!



Smooth(ie) Move Monday


I’m smoothie experimenting. I threw in a bunch of things and this was the delicious result!

1 large banana

4 pitted dates (I warmed them in a bit of water in the microwave so soften them up before blending)

1 spoonful of peanut butter

1 spoonful of cocoa powder

a small splash of vanilla

a small scoop of coconut butter

enough almond (or any non dairy milk) to almost cover the other ingredients



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Hey Look What I Can Do! (with my NutriBullet)

I cam across this Huffington Post article and this post is definitely  #4 on the list.

I always make smoothies for breakfast but decided to try out a few of the recipes in the NurtiBullet book.  I’ll admit it was just OK.  Nothing like my usual all fruit smoothies.  It grew on me and it was filling; I drank half for breakfast and half for predinner dinner.  I never though of adding seeds and nuts to my smoothies, when did that become a thing? I was in pain from being so full from my smoothie yesterday which had mega nuts and seeds.

This smoothie was from the Brain Blast section of the book.

The Think Drink

25% Kale

25% Spinach

1/2 one steamed sweet potato

10 almonds

2 tbs chia or flax seed

water to MAX line




Banana Oatmeal and Watermelon Smoothie

I am a fan of oatmeal and like to make big pots and portion it into jars to eat throughout the week, but as of late I find that I have been making too much and not finishing it. I found this single serving of baked oatmeal on angie and james do stuff  who adapted the recipe from chocolate-covered katie. It was sooo good and I can eat all day everyday but this filled me up really fast (with the smoothie too).

So here is my go at the oatmeal along with a refreshing watermelon smoothie (and I HATE watermelon but this was delicious!)

ImageHere is what ya need:

Preheat oven to 220°

1 small banana, mashed
1/2 t ground cinnamon
1/8 t ground nutmeg
1/8 t of salt
1/4 t vanilla
Just under a Tablespon on vegan sugar 1 t chia seeds 1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats 1/4 cup milk of choice. I use vanilla almond milk

Mash your banana until it’s not lumpy

add all ingredients except oats and milk.

mix together with a fork

add oats and milk and mix again

pour into ramekin (I’ve been looking to use that thing!)

bake for 20 minutes and CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP

Now you have some time to clean up and when you have a few minutes of bake time remaining you can make your smoothie!

ImageWhat ya need:

No measuring here, dudes, smoothies don’t play by the rules.
Watermelon (more of this than the berries)
Almond Milk (or whatever you prefer)
Chia Seeds

Directions: BLEND! I like to blend everything then add the crushed ice and give it another quick blend so the ice doesn’t get too small and melt.

ImageForgot to add my chia so it went in post blend



Just a quick time smoothie- you can really add anything and it will be good but you already knew that…COME ON!
Over ripe bananas are perfect for smoothies or baking! Frozen bananas also are wonderful for smoothies just slice them first and make sure they don’t touch when you freeze them, maybe spread them out on a plate.
  • Everything you’ll need!
  • Spirulina
  • Found this at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco but check health food stores, the should have it too.
  • Spirulina
  • It’s a green powder.
  • Post blender
  • Obviously you can drink it but sometimes I like to put it in a bowl and top it with Grape Nuts and or shredded coconut.