Pizza Fix

I can’t go more than a week or two with out pizza. It’s my best friend. I do most if not all of my shopping a Trader Joe’s so I just grab a pre made dough and start piling things on! I know I have posted a similar pizza before but I have the strong belief you can never have too much pizza.


Set out your dough in a floured bowl if it needs to rise. Chop up your ingredients.

Here I used:

brussels sprouts, mushrooms, yams, and tomatoes I KEEP FORGETTING I HAVE ARTICHOKE HEARTS! Ugh I just remembered them!  I bought them specifically for the LAST pizza I made and forgot then too! Moving on…

Toss the yams with some oil, salt, and pepper and roast them for 15 minutes at 450°

Then add the brussels sprouts and a tad more oil and s&p (maybe a tiny bit of broth if you yams are still pretty hard). Bake another 15 minutes

While the veggies are baking, cook your mushrooms in a saute pan with a touch of oil and s&p

Then assemble your pizza! I brushed mine with olive oil before adding the toppings.


Pre Bake:


Post Bake:



2 thoughts on “Pizza Fix

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous pizza! I haven’t had a good pizza in a while and I totally want to stuff this in my face right now.

    PS I hate when I forget to add an ingredient to something when I specifically got that ingredient for the dish. Happens to me a lot!

    • Oh Thanks! Pizza should be a food group (vegan pizza of course)

      I’m a fan of not putting things away haha if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. I’ll have to find another use for artichokes….maybe a sandwich!

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