Hey Look What I Can Do! (with my NutriBullet)

I cam across this Huffington Post article and this post is definitely  #4 on the list.

I always make smoothies for breakfast but decided to try out a few of the recipes in the NurtiBullet book.  I’ll admit it was just OK.  Nothing like my usual all fruit smoothies.  It grew on me and it was filling; I drank half for breakfast and half for predinner dinner.  I never though of adding seeds and nuts to my smoothies, when did that become a thing? I was in pain from being so full from my smoothie yesterday which had mega nuts and seeds.

This smoothie was from the Brain Blast section of the book.

The Think Drink

25% Kale

25% Spinach

1/2 one steamed sweet potato

10 almonds

2 tbs chia or flax seed

water to MAX line