Why Are You Vegan? Let’s Talk About Books, Baby

If you’re even wondering what makes a vegan go vegan here is a little incite.

I have had a lot of people ask a lot of questions about why I’m vegan and if I really think that what I’m doing (or not doing) matters. Yes, by the way, I do think it maters.

I was vegetarian for 11 years before I went vegan. I was a chubby kid and my initial thought if I went vegetarian I’d lose weight! I think I was talked out of it or I tried it and failed. I remember crying and telling my dad and step mom that being chubby was my reason for the switch and I always went back to that story when people asked why I went vegetarian at such a young age (I was 14 when I tried it again and it stuck ). Looking back I remember picking out every vein I saw in my chicken at dinner time; why would I want to eat a vein?!  I always loved animals and thought each one of million stuffed animals had feelings and emotions. I was always a sensitive little kid and my dog Cocoa was my best bud. I think those were the real reasons I went veg and never really thought of them when people asked why I  stop eating meat.

So after 11 years of being a junk food vegetarian and only knowing one other vegetarian in the world, I borrowed Skinny Bitch from a friend and that was enough to get the vegan fire started in mah body. It basically tells you how dairy makes you fat and it’s got a bunch of gross stuff in it that makes you want to barf. It’s a quick and easy read and gives you the basic facts to start the ball rolling.


They have a whole slew of books now, but I’m only read the original.There is even a Skinny Bastard for dudes.


Then I read Eating Animals. This book is the book that made me stick with being vegan. The books starts off talking about how he was about to become a father and wanted to know where the food he would be feeding his child came from. He even joins a girl who breaks into a factory farm in the middle of the night to give water and care to some neglected animals. Never boring, occasionally terrifying.

In the beginning of my veganisim it was hard. I’d crave dairy and this is the book I’d turn to to remind me that that I was doing this for the animals and not so much for myself. For myself at least, I find that it’s so easy to stick with because it’s for someone/thing else. I also do it for reasons for myself but if those were they only reasons I know I’d struggle.


The China Study

This book is pure facts. No funny stories, no crazy antics. Expect a lot of graphs, charts, numbers, and statistics. I thought it was fascinating but I’ve had people tell me it’s a chore to get through. I don’t agree, I loved it! i feel like this a must read for skeptics.  It focuses a lot on casein, the protein found in milk, and dispels a lot of myths like the one that says milk prevents osteoporosis. T. Colin Campbell is a total vegan celebrity.

china study

My creeper stalker shot of T. Collin Campbell at San Francisco Veg Fest last year. xoxox giggle omg I saw him.

china study

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, And Wear Cows is a book I have not read but really want to.  I saw the author speak at Farm Sanctuary’s Celebration of the Turkeys last month and she was so funny, nice, and articulate. She has such a great aproach  to being began, and living in a non vegan world. If I don’t get this for Christmas I’m going to buy it the 26th!

Why We-Love-Dogs-Eat-Pigs-Wear-Cows

Tell me about the books that have helped you along your way to veganism! What are some of your favorites?