John Joseph Tells You How To Juice

Cro-Mags singer John Joseph tell it like it is while juicing.

Key tips:

“Celery. Guys, if you have sex all night and you need to replenish; let me tell you, this is the porno stars trick right here. ”

“If you bust a buncha nuts one night, this stuff right here(spinach) and celery and blueberries. You throw that shit in a shake, That’s what you wanna be drinkin.”

“One good word of advice. When you’re juicing, you wanna do it on an empty stomach. If you ate a big meal then you start drinkin’ juice, you’re gotta fart like a motha fucka.”

“I would rather live 70 years and thrive like motha fucka than live 100 years and be fuckin’ sick all the time.”

“Maca is for the cocka.”