Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary Needs Your Help

Vegansaurus posted about this on their facebook and I felt compelled to share.


This is from the fundraising page:

The record breaking freeze has been wreaking havoc on the sanctuary.

The main well and cistern for all the barns froze, broke, and then flooded the well house up to the electrical outlets, which then fried the electrical system for all the barns.  

We’ve been working round the clock in 22 below zero temperatures to truck water up to the animals, run back-up electricity to the barns, and do everything in our power to keep the 200+ rescued residents safe through this unprecedented arctic cold we’re experiencing.

Sanctuary operating costs usually triple in the winter months, but this past week alone will account for a tenfold increase in expenses.

We will NOT let the animals down, but we urgently need your help so we can pay for all of the additional services, repairs, vet bills, and other emergency measures that need to be taken.

Thank you!

Here is the link

Help if you are able!


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