Who Are You Wearing?!

Shirts 1All

I’ve been forming a pretty solid vegan shirt collection as of late and thought I’d share my favorites with ya. I don’t own an iron, so forgive the white shirt wrinkles please!

First up is this sweet Dodger inspired Vegans tee by Plant Food For People. They are a food truck that makes boooomb jackfruit tacos. Each taco comes with your choice of two toppings. I suggest chipotle mayo, cole slaw, and or tomatillo salsa! They have guys sizes and girl v-necks. V-necks look weird on me since I have zero boobs so I got a small tee and cut it up to my liking. I’m not sure if you can get them online but if you are at the truck just ask them for one! Or DM them on IG if you’re not in LA.  Look them up to see where they will be next!

Shirts 2PFFP

4th of july pffp

My next favorite tee comes from Crazies and Weirdos. Every three months they have a new t-shirt campaign. This was the first and they sold out before I was able to get it and I was crushed (ok maybe just pretty bummed). Luckily I found one at MooShoes LA and bought it so hard. A portion of each sale goes to help the animals the campaign is raising awareness about. The current campaign is to help pigs. I really love this shirt. I wish I had two. One to wear to the gym and one to keep nice and clean and not sweaty.

Shirts 3EWEE

Next up is my Vegan Doughnutarian shirt by…me. I love doughnuts so I made shirts to show that vegans know how to get down and party hard, doughnut style. Shirts 4VD

Doughnutarian On - Copy

Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam

My cutie Go Vegan Stay Vegan pug shirt is by Blood Tight Apparel  It’s a UK based brand run by a rad dude names Aaron. All their designs are pretty legit. I wasn’t feelin’ the fit of this tee so I cut it up too. This is my favorite of the BTA shirts but I’ve had my eye on the Morrissey shirt and the Animal Liberation shirt for a while now…and FREE SHIPPING all the time…WORLDWIDE! Holla!

Shirts 5BTA


My latest addition is this sassy It’s Not You It’s Meat gem from BeetxBeet. Mmm…so true. They have a lot of rad anti Monsanto shirts too. Check.It.Out.

Shirts 6BxB

Welp, that’s about it! Oh wait…my wish list! Here are shirts I don’t have but wish I did:

From Tantamount Apparel. Both of these are crazy rad and I want them so hard. For every product sold they donate a pound of fresh organic fruit to help the homeless population of Vancouver. Rad.

tantamount tank1 tantamount tank2

How cool are these Blood Tight Apparel shits?! Answer: SO cool.



Ok I think that’s it. If I’m missing any of your favorites, please comment below. How will I know about cool stuff unless you share it with me!? Ok Byeeee.

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