A Vegan Holiday

After getting a smart phone in 2014 I went a little Instagram crazy and have pretty much only been updating my sapling_vegan Instagram page. If you aren’t following my page (you should be), here is what you missed over the holidays.

My mom got puppies. Here are Buddy and Jimi. They are cute but oh so naughty.


I made A LOT of cookies. Handed some out to the neighbors, ate the rest!


Christmas cookies



Sophia and I kicked some major Christmas Eve family game butt.


Christmas Day  my brudder got this cup that his mom and our sister made for him. HA! Don’t mind the dog bum in the background. You love it.


Before and after Christmas hugs with Mickey and Jake.


Me and my favorite gift, a mug with my dogs on it! Oh and here is my Brudder, Alex. Or Nick…depending who you ask.


My favorite movie!

20141225_105602Christmas isn’t complete without a little E.T. in your tree.


Matt pretending he hates when we match when I know he did this on purpose. Whatta dick ❤

Vegan Doughnutarian


Some of my Christmas haul.


Yoga Mat from Manduka

Personalized dog mug from Shutterfly

Gifted Mascara from Tarte

Eyeliner from Urban Decay 

Monogrammed Mugs from Anthropologie 

Nail Polishes from ella + mila and Scotch Natural

Coconut Bacon from Phoney Baloney

Plates from Crate&Barrel 

Went to Marshals and found a ton of vegan snacks (but I’m poor so I only got two).

marshalls finds

NYE! Sisser and I had a nice, sober, vegan, onesie, night in at my place. We watched Parks and Rec, Clueless, and some Talor Swift on TV looking mighty cold. We got food from My Vegan Gold because I LOVE that place!


Then we played some version of Heads Up that was way too hard. Here you can see me doing the Dougie. All I could think to say was, “Dance! Michelle Obama!” teach me how to duggie

Then we danced before walking the dogs.


2015 begins!

We bid the pets adiue. As you can see they partied hard on NYE.


      Then we went to brunch at Real Food Daily and got our CHOMP on. IMG_20150101_122949

Hope you all had a great holiday wherever you were and whoever you were with! I have no desire to revisit the past year or make resolutions so let’s just say, have a great year and be kind to one another and animals!

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