Poor Girl Pantry Challenge

I’m mega poor; who’s with me?! This usually happens to me AFTER Christmas but this year it’s been a year long deal. Most, if not all, of my money goes to food…and the dogs.  Check them out.



But I figured  I could save money by not going to the market to buy more food since I have a kitchen full of food already. I just need to get a little creative. I might need to pick up some fresh veggies and maybe fruit but I’m going to try to use what I have before going out for more. We can’t sacrifice health here people!

Day 1 Cupboard

I’ve got some nuts, oats, lentils, rice, beans, dried fruit, popcorn, baking stuff, and spices in there.

I’ll try to post most of my meals so you can see how I’m stretching my dollars. Advice and comments are welcome! Any of you  looking to save up this year too? Comment below and tell me your pre-holiday money saving tips! Or give me some cheap recipes (if you can tell what’s in my stock pile).


5 thoughts on “Poor Girl Pantry Challenge

  1. I’m with you! I have been making a lot of curries and lentil dahl, it tastes good, is cheap and keeps well (I have a few recipes on my blog). My best advice is good planning, avoid wastage and use up everything you’ve got before buying more 🙂

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