Beauty giveaway Day 5: Beauty Without Cruelty Make Up Remover

Yesterday’s lucky winner of Tarte’s 4 in 1 Lights Camera Lashes Mascara is @angieeatspeace on IG. Congrats!

It’s the last day of the giveaway. Boooo. But don’t be too sad because today I’m giving away something I have searched high and low for for quite some time. A non greasy, vegan makeup remover! I was using a non vegan one I thought was ok, then switched to a company that didn’t conduct animal testing (but the product sucked) and now I have finally found a great product that works wonders from a great ALL VEGAN company! Beauty Without Cruelty sent me some of their extra gentle eye make up remover to try and and I could no be happier with it. I’ll for sure be re ordering this when I run out. I’m just so glad it’s not greasy and oily.  It’s a liquid and comes out of of the bottle pretty quickly. The only down side is I feel like it won’t last very long but other than that it’s great.



Beauty Without Cruelty also sent me some mascara to try out but I wasn’t a huge fan so I’m not including it in the giveaway.  I’ll give it a little credit and say that it’s good for bottom lashes.

bwc1 bwc2

                   No Mascara                                                                                                                                                                                                                     BWC Mascara


Left eye (your left) after using BWC eye makeup remover. Holla!

The final winner will revive one 4oz bottle of eye makeup remover extra gentle from Beauty Without Cruelty

To be entered all you need to do is  leave a comment here or on the Sapling Vegan facebook page.  Open to US only (sorry I’m poor and shipping isn’t cheap!)

*follow on IG: sapling_vegan

I hope you all found some new great products this week and make an effort to switch to brands that do not test on animals! Please educate yourself on the cruel practices that are done in the name of product testing. Animals are living, feeling,  and social beings that have every right to live free of fear and harm. With so many great companies out there not testing on animals, there is no reason to buy a product that engages in the torture of a life. Maybe you don’t all agree with the way PETA does things, but I think we can all agree they get results and do great things for animals. Here is a link to some more information on animal testing. If you can wear the makeup that tests on animals you can watch the video.  Not sure what companies are cruelty free? Here is a handy guide! It’s long but that’s a good thing!

Thanks for following me this week for my week of giveaways! And thanks to all the companies that donated products each day to make this week possible! Show them some love in IG and Facebook and keep an eye out for these brands when you’re shopping for more beauty products!

Chandler Farms

John Masters Organics

Drema e

Tarte Cosmetics

Beauty Without Cruelty 

❤ ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “Beauty giveaway Day 5: Beauty Without Cruelty Make Up Remover

  1. I AM SO EXCITED! I am super stoked to try the mascara!

    The giveaways were a lot of fun and thanks for showcasing cruelty free beauty products! It’s good to know there are options out there and we can minimize unnecessary suffering.

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