Beauty Giveaway Day 2: John Masters Organics

First thing’s first, yesterday’s winners are:   Stephanie K and Donna! Congrats! I’ll be in touch!

For day two of the giveaway I bring you a gem from  John Masters Organics. You may recall my Oprah inspired “Favorite Things” giveaway a while back in which I gave away a bottle of Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash. I love love love John Masters Organics. Today I bring you their Green Tea and Rose Hydrating Face Serum and Firming Eye Gel! First the serum: Sometimes I use it at night after washing my face; when I wake up my skin is soft and dewy. I recently started mixing it with my liquid foundation before applying. I drop a little foundation and a little serum on the back of my hand, mix them together, and it helps my foundation go on so much smoother than when I use foundation alone and it blends into my skin wonderfully! Also I think the little glass bottle it comes in is adorable and I like having it sit out on my sink.


Now for the eye firming gel:  I received a sample of the eye firming gel  when they sent me a bottle of Bearberry Skin Balancing  Face Wash for my last giveaway and I was amazed and how well it worked! I never really use stuff like this. I never use wrinkle products or under eye products because firstly, I think (or thought) I am too young and secondly, I didn’t think that stuff really worked. But man alive, it made my eyes look  like a million bucks!  All I had was a tiny foil packet sample but it lasted me a long time since I only needed a touch of it each night. I ran out and look like trash now so I’ll have to restock soon. I have yet to try a JMO product I don’t like. These products do not contain animal products (a handfull of their products contain honey, silk, or beezwax)  and JMO does not test on animals I’ll have to try out their shampoo next because I have yet to find a vegan shampoo that I like.  Follow them on IG:  @johnmastersnyc

One winner will receive a 1.0 oz bottle of JMO green tea and rose hydrating face serum and a 0.5 oz bottle of the firming eye gel

To be entered all you need to do is follow me leave me on Instagram and leave a comment on today’s giveaway. Be sure to mention @johnmastersnyc in your comment. Instagram only entries today!  Ways to enter will change daily so pay attention people! Open to US only (sorry I’m poor and shipping isn’t cheap!)

*follow on IG: sapling_vegan


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