LA Eats: Donut Friend and Mohawk Bend

My dad came out to LA to visit me last weekend to cash in on his Father’s Day dinner.  He’s not vegan so I thought a great place for the both of us would be Mohawk Bend (because he also loves beer but he can’t marry it because he’s already married).

My step-mom, Donna, came along and she’s vegan (whoo whoo!) and we each got a pizza.

I  used to exclusively get the BBQ Tofu Pizza until one day I met Tony (the owner) and he said he always gets the Banh Mi pizza. So after I tried that, died of satisfaction, and came back to life, I only get the Banh Mi pizza now.
mohawk banh mi


Donna got the Fun Guy pizza and the server suggested she add red sauce to it.  Pretty good but I liked the Banh Mi better and Donna liked hers better.mohawk fun guy

Dad got a burger, but I love him anyway.

Then of course we had to go to Donut Friend, because why not, right?

How funny is this doughnut?!

donut friend s'moessy

Here is my dad’s first Donut Friend experience.

 donut friend dad

Donna got the vegan GG Almond and I got a vegan Lemon Weapon because it’s my favorite and I don’t like change.

donut friend

ok ok ok so the day prior I was chillin’ with my homeboy Corey and promised him a trip to Donut Friend. Right when I got back home from taking my dad he text me asking when we were going…I’m not one to disappoint so it was a twice in one day kind of afternoon.

Having had my favorite doughnut only hours before, I was feeling ok to try new things and got my first cake doughnut. I got the S’morrissey I had seen earlier. It was EH. Pretty dry, not too great. I’m sticking to the traditional doughnuts.

donut friend s'moresy

Corey went to town and inhaled two doughtnuts and some nasty smelly kombucha .

donut friend corey

My belly was a hurtin’ after a day of pizza and doughnuts but I live with no regrets.


7 thoughts on “LA Eats: Donut Friend and Mohawk Bend

  1. a day of donuts and pizza! you only live once! I enjoy days of conspicuous gluttony, but I usually need to eat a metric ton of veggies the next day to redeem myself!

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