Ringling Brothers Protest- Ontario

Last weekend I went to the Ringling Brothers Protest in Ontario. I was only able to attend one day of the 4 or 5 days but it was my first protest so I really wanted to make it at least one day to see how it all went down. There were small groups of protesters at every entrance into the area so I grabbed a handful of flyers and a big sign and floated toward the entrance on the end. I handed out a lot of flyers. Most people took them and gave a half smile and politely did not make too much eye contact. Some people had no interest in seeing our flyers but at least they knew we were there and hopefully it gave them something to think about. I could see the little kids looking at the posters and looking so confused. The teenagers seemed most receptive to us and taking the info.



IMG_8770 IMG_8771

IMG_8773 IMG_8774 IMG_8775IMG_8778group

Shout out to my mom! We had just come from MOVE LIVE (it was her Mother’s Day gift from my bro and she took me with her) and she wasn’t really excited about going to a protest. Within a few minutes of getting there she was handing out flyers to attendees! I shed a sing tear of pure joy. I felt like Johnny “Cry Baby” Walker. Go Mom! I love you! She even took some flyers to take to work with her!

IMG_8776If you are not familiar with the treatment of entertainment animals I urge you to educate yourself. The animals at Ringling Brothers are currently on tour and forced to be in moving trucks for hours and hours and they are chained much of the time in and out of the moving trucks. They are “trained” with bull hooks


and forced to perform when sick or injured. Young elephants are taken from their families. Baby elephants stay with their mothers in the wild for around 16 years! Please teach your children elephants are beautiful wild animals, not things here for our entertainment no matter the cost.



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