LA Eats: Doomie’s!

FINALLY, I’ve made it out to Doomie’s. Turns out it’s mad close to my house and even closer to my homegirl, Yeller’s house. We both avoided going with other people so we could go together and the glorious day has arrived (although, admittedly a friend did bring me two croissants and a brownie once)

We were a little overwhelmed by all the choices but in the end decided we can always go back! (Like that stopped me from ordering a million things).

photo (5)

I sat facing the display case; this was a bad idea because I wanted everything inside. So many croissants and cakes and desserts!



photo (7)

The waitress, who was so super nice, helped us decide and suggested this spicy chicken sandwich so that’s what Yeller got. It was delicious!!! I wished I got the same even though we shared burgers. Note her side of  “old people fruit” her words not mine.

photo (6)I got a “big mac” which is not on the menu but apparently very popular. It was good but the “meat” tasted really processed and kinda like a boca burger. I probably won’t get it again. Yay for skinny fries!


This is what I took home! A ham and cheese croissant and a cheese danish. All vegan of course. DUH.

Final verdict: The food was great and I wish I was there right now. The restaurant itself struck me as slightly less than pristine. The bathroom was a little dirty and the display case was leaking and had finger prints all over it (and we got there when it opened). But hey, I didn’t see any bugs so that’s a plus right? HAHA. I need to go back ASAP and report back on some carrot cake and mac and cheese!




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