Sisser Day!

My Sisser came out to see my new place and give me hugs. Of course we went on a food adventure that started off with me giving her a bag of No No’s (side note- I bought 3 bags and devoured the other two).

no nos

Then we headed to Sage and stuffed our faces.


I got:

Gluten-Free Bowl of Soul – $12.95
roasted sweet potato, black beans,
quinoa, okra, baby corn, sauteed kale, 1/2
gluten free biscuit, horseradish and a
gluten free mac and cheese ball topped
with wing sauce and pickled jalapeño cabbage

I forgot to take a picture so most of my food was gone but it was all delicious! The mac and cheese ball was to die for but I could have done without the horseradish.


This is my sisser pretending to look candid (pretty good huh?)

Sisser got:

Jackfruit Nachos – $11.95 jackfruit “meat”, cashew nacho cheese, Ja- lapeños Spicy pickled cabbage, and black
beans heaped on top of organic corn
tortilla chips

I’ve had this dish before and loved it, but the pickled things inside were a bit too spicy for me.

We were pretty full  but Kind Kreme was calling our names so we made room. I got a scoop of mocha ice creme and sisser got a mocha shake which was the ice creme with coconut milk mixed it. YUM YUM YUM.



Thanks for visiting me sis. I RUV YOU!


Saw this walking back to the car.

Oh ya, I almost forgot, we went to BabyCakes afterward BAHAHA, We love food.



2 thoughts on “Sisser Day!

  1. Both you gals are hawt. If you live in the bay area, let me know. Good recipe’s, I’ll try your cold morning oat mix.

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