WorldFest 2014

It was a busy busy weekend with my Baby Sis’s graduation (goooo Titans!) and my papa’s birthday, but I somehow managed to make it to my first WorldFest!

I got there pretty late but it was still on and popin’. Met up with my friend Glen and his posse in the beer and wine garden for a bit then wondered around and got some free So Delicious treats. I’ve had a hankering for some chocolate milk lately so I tasted their coconut chocolate milk and I’m totally going to buy a carton of that ish.


Then of course I took some coupons and samples from the Beanfields tent because Stephanie and Beanfields go together like vegans and regularity (sorry Jamie Lee Curtis, keep it movin’)


Here is some general wondering around:



There was a speaker tent, but I got there pretty late in the day and missed most of the speakers.Image

But I did meet Gene Baur, founder and co-president of Farm Sanctuary. I even got a blurry picture with him! Nicest guy you could ever meet.


Also spent some time at the Beagle Freedom Project booth. They take beagles that have been used for testing (medical, cosmetic, and more) and find them forever homes once they are freed from the test labs. If you don’t know about them, you should. They also have an app  called Cruelty Cutter where you can scan a bar-code and the app tells you if the products was tested on animals! Man, I need a smart phone.


Ran into my homeboy Justin before heading out and he introduced me to Alec Pedersen, the CFO and one of the producers for the documentary How I Became and Elephant, which I hadn’t heard of until today but it looks like an important one, albeit a tear jerker. He had just purchased some grass sandals…hmmm.


Now to wait for the next event!

Animal Rights National Conference 

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