Donut Friend Really is My Friend


Finally I can see my dreams beginning to come true. The moment I stepped into Donut Friend in Highland Park, I knew my life had meaning. OK, that’s pretty fucking dramatic, but these doughnuts are killer. You walk into this cutie space (open until midnight on weekends!) and it’s pretty neat. It’s kinda of like a Chipotle for doughnuts. You can see all the toppings and fixin’ behind the sneeze glass BUT you have to figure out your doughnut before you pay (which I think is a bad move because people would probably add way more stuff if you just sent them down the assembly line of good times adding on as many topping as they could fit on the damn thing. I know that’s what I would have done.Image

 ALL the doughnuts are now vegan! The doughnut itself that is. You can pick a traditional or cake doughnut. I went for the traditional since most of the vegan doughnuts I find seem to be cake. Then you pick a glaze (all vegan), filling, and toppings. There is also a huge list of pre-made combinations to pick from if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

There were a lot of jams to choose from and pastry creams and fillings to add in.  Tons of vegan options.


Then there were the frozen yogurt-esque toppings like nuts, sprinkles, candy, cookie crumbles, COCONUT BACON. This stuff was addicting! My b-sis and I couldn’t get enough. We also had to confirm with on another it was indeed the coconut bacon and not the real deal. Her bf seemed to be able to tell pretty easily haha but if you haven’t eaten meat in a million years, it’s hard to tell.


Sriracha, say what?!


Let the games begin!


Sis went with a pre-made vegan Bacon 182 ($3) and I made one with a traditional doughnut, vanilla bean glaze, vegan pastry cream, coconut bacon, and blackberries ($6).

Hands down the best doughnut I’ve had. I didn’t want it to end!

I’m glad it’s a bit of a drive to get there or I’d be in a doughnut coma all day e’ry day.



4 thoughts on “Donut Friend Really is My Friend

  1. i need this place in my life! so true about the baked doughnuts ( i actually made some today), but not exactly equipped to make the normal ones as i don’t have (and don’t intend to) a deep fryer, but baked just aren’t the same!

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