BabyCakes NYC

It’s been a bit too long since I’ve done a doughnut review so this morning I packed up the pooches and we headed over to BabyCakes NYC (in Los Angeles). I took home a maple doughnut and a lemon tart.



Like most vegan doughnuts around, this one was cakey and not a traditional doughnut most of us know. As I browsed the case and noticed they were all cake doughnuts and all looked a tad dry, I was a bit let down, BUT after tasting it, I have no complaints. The icing isn’t hard and flaky like on traditional doughtnuts. It’s really creamy and freakin’ delicious! I’m trying to pace myself instead of inhaling it. The cake has a wonderful flavor (not just relying on the icing) and I think there is a hint of lemon on the cake.


The tart is good too, but I’m not as excited about it. It’s a little dry and nothing special really. Kinda dense too. I probably wouldn’t get it again, but hell, I’m not throwing it away.


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