Chili Cook Off!

This month’s theme for the IE Vegan Meetup Pot Luck was a chili cook off! There were 8 chilies and like 5 different cornbreads. I think I gained a million pounds.


We tasted a little of each and voted. I made APPLE CHILI using Field Roast Apple Sage sausages in place of the Upton’s Naturals chorizo seitan I used last time.

I seriously love this group of people. I always have so much fun at these pot lucks and have met some really cool people. This time my cousin Sophia (new vegan protégé, came with me). I didn’t win but I did get my belly stuffed and that’s all that really matters. All the chilies were so different and delicious! There was even a raw chili that was amazing!

Two girls a little too excited for chili


We love food!


Now to rest after a night of CHOMP CHOMP CHOMPING!

11 thoughts on “Chili Cook Off!

  1. DUDE I was supposed to go to a vegan chili cookoff thing in LA last month with Steven but it was raining 😦 There’s a vegan beer and hot dog festival I think on my graduation day so I can’t go to that either 😦 Boo!
    But this looks awesome 🙂

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