Sweet Potato Enchiladas

These are so easy to make and I had my meat loving family tell me how much they loved them! The ingredients are cheap and easy to find and it’s a fast and filling dinner. I made them twice this week. you can sub mushrooms and anything else you like (zucchini, diced carrots, seitan…)



pack of corn tortillas (my pack had 10)

vegan enchilada sauce (Trader Joe’s has a good vegan red sauce)

3 medium sweet potatoes

1 pack of mushrooms

can of diced green chilies

veggie broth (or water)

garlic powder




Peel and dice sweet potatoes. Cook in a saute pan and use veggie broth to cook instead of oil. Add about 1-2 t garlic powder while cooking. Add more broth as it evaporates.

Cook until soft then whip with a hand blender or smash up with a fork

Chop and heat mushrooms until the release their liquids and most of it has evaporated. Then add 2T chilies (or more depending on your taste)

Heat tortillas on open flame if you have a gas stove or just heat them so they are flexible enough to roll

Spread some sweet potatoes and mushrooms/chilies in each tortilla and roll.

Pour sauce over the top of rolled enchiladas and bake at 350° for 15 minutes.

Add a little more sauce on top!


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