Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway!

That’s right…I’m channeling my inner Oprah and giving away ALL of my favorite things! I seriously can’t believe how lucky I was that all of my favorite companies donated to this giveaway. I’m only including the things that level up my vegan powers so I can do good in the world. But really all these things are freakin’ awesome, I was very tempted to keep all of them, but alas, I must share.

Let us start with Baggu. I think I discovered them last year on Herbivor Clothing’s website. I had asked for a Baggu backpack for Christmas and my dad was oh so confused and got me the two shopping bags you see below. Later he also got me the backpacks!

I use the canvas backpack as my dog emergency pack (extra food, poop bags, a towel, water bowl..), the two standard striped bags I use daily! I use it as a diaper bag (I’m a nanny) most of the time cuz it’s way cuter than her actual diaper bag. The nylon backpack I use a lot in the summer; it’s cuter than a purse.

This company also sells leather bags. Booo. But I think it’s important to buy vegan things from non vegan companies. Check them out. They have so many cute prints (like seahorses and alpacas) and their larger nylon bags have a pouch to shove them back into; love that!

These are MINE


This is yours

A standard size bag. How cute is this?! I really wanted to keep this one!


Next up is Rescue Chocolate. This company is so great because 100% of their net profits go to animal rescues. That’s right 100%!  I usually only like chocolate when there is something inside of it like coffee or nuts or PEANUT BUTTER! Yuum! The Peanut Butter Pit Bull Bar is ugh, so good and it has what seemed to be puffed rice or something inside that give it a tiny crunch and today on Dr. Oz I learned  that I’m a cruncher. I haven’t tried the Fakin’ Bacon (so let me know how it is. I really wanted to keep that one too!) They have a lot of fun flavors, be sure to check them out! And DUH, they are all vegan.

Image Image

Now despite the cute pups on all the wrappers, this is for humans only! My silly Harry found the mail one day and decided to eat 4 of the 6 bars I intended to give to my step mom and sis for Christmas. Luckily after a sleepover at the vet he was ok. Rescue Chocolate was even super sweet and replaced the bars he ate! Awesome company.


Now for cuppow! My boyfriend (at the time) had one of the drinking lids and would get stopped all the time by people who thought his jar and lid were so cool. He was even “the mason jar guy” at the tea store. He was a doll and bought me one as well; then we walked around San Francisco looking like a couple of eco-friendly bad asses.

All 3 of these are yours!


I think the BNTO is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s a little cup that fits inside your wide mouth mason jar and you screw the lid back on and you can carry two things together! Granola and coconut yogurt, apples and peanut butter, fries and ketchup, salad and dressing..whatever! They even come in cutie colors.

Wide Mouth BNTO



Regular mouth


Wide mouth


Mason jars are really cheap. I got some at World Market for a like 2 bucks. I think most coffee places give you a discount for bringing in your own cup so take this with you when you make a coffee or tea run! Think of all the to go cups you throw away! Also they have cup sleeves if you have a hot or cold drink and want to protect your hand.

Cookie Time! Home Free is a company that’s good for you if you’re allergic to a lot of things (AND if you’re not) They are dairy, egg, nut,  wheat, and gluten free. The don’t use GMO’s and most of their products use mostly organic ingredients. All the giveaway cookies are certified vegan. The mini chocolate chip and mini oatmeal cookies they also sell use sugar that is not certified vegan (FYI: if that is something you’d worry about). That chocolate chip cookie didn’t last more than 5 minutes once I opened the box. Good thing they sent me two so you can have one! My favorite switched from Double Chocolate Chip to Regular Chocolate Chip very fast.  They are a little crunchy kinda like a vegan chips ahoy but waaay better. I could eat that chocolate chip cookies all day! Some flavors come in little snack packs so they are great for on the go but usually they are gone before you go anywhere.

Home Free1

John Masters Organics time! This Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash smells oh so very good and leaves my skin feelin’ supa fly. It smells expensive, if that makes any sense. And it kinda of is. $22 for a bottle but it foams and lasts a long time. I was running low so I’d use it every other day and use a cheaper one on my off days. They do not test on animals and most of their products are vegan except for a couple that have honey or silk protein. I think you’ll love this stuff. They have a couple of things for dudes as well for your fella. And pets! Follow them on twitter.


And what would a vegan blog giveaway be without some good old fashion vegan pride? I discovered Blood Tight Apparel a few months ago. It’s a tiny UK based vegan shirt company who ALWAYS has free shipping! I have a super cute Go Vegan Stay Vegan Pug shirt from them and I gave my sis a tote with the print and she has it framed in her room. I also got another cutie vegan shirt from them a few weeks ago! They sent me the wrong wrist band so they are sending me the right one and said I could give this one away! The other side says “Vegan Revolution”


Ok, best for last. If you know me at all you know chips will be maid of honor in my wedding.  I have a problem I don’t want to fix. Beanfields Bean and Rice Nacho chips are my favorite thing, period! I have to drive 25 minutes to get them and I had to start buying the little bag because if I got the big bag the whole thing was gone by the time I got back home. I could eat these all day ‘ery day. I really can’t contain my love for these beautiful little crunchy triangles. They just came out with a Barbecue andRanch flavors! I’m drooling just thinking about this!


Alright people! I’ll pick the winner on my birthday! March 18th 🙂 To enter just “like” my facebook page or follow me on wordpress and leave me a comment about which item you’re most excited to try!

And to be clear: One person will win EVERYTHING!

**Open to US locations only**


Facebook pages for all featured items:


Rescue Chocolate


Home Free

John Masters Organics


Blood Tight Apparel

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