Meatout 2014

Anyone live in so cal?! I’m hosting a Meatout event ❤ Here is the scoop:


Hey friends! I planned this event with the help of my friend Glen and I will be hosting it! I’m so very excited about it and seeing as it’s just 3 days before my birthday, it would be the best gift ever if my friends and family came out to support me! I’m not going to try to convert you into a vegan, it’s going to be a fun 2 hours to snack on some vegan food and mingle with some veggie eaters to ask questions and get info. Please come out and give me a birthday hug and sample my AMAZING pizza (not to brag but it’s pretty damn good). Hope to see some familiar faces ♥

Meatout is a worldwide educational campaign that promotes a plant-based/non-violent diet. Even though Meatout Day is actually on 3/20, has events all month long to celebrate. Check out their website for more info about this amazing campaign, including how you can become one of the thousands of people who’ve already pledged to go vegan for a day, a week, or longer to save the lives of countless animals (and even improve your own!).

This will be an Open House to provide non-vegans with a fun opportunity to sample delicious cruelty-free food, hear a few testimonials from local vegans, and take some information home to consider. Rest assured we will NOT be showing graphic images or placing judgement on meat-eaters. We just want to mingle, share a little food, and maybe even plant some seeds of compassion.

Here is the Facbook invite if you’re interested in coming!

3 thoughts on “Meatout 2014

  1. Hi! I really enjoy your blog! So much that I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! Please check out my blog for details! 🙂

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