Horchata? Yes, please!


I don’t remember if I didn’t like horchata or if I had just never tried it but after having a glass at Gracias Madre in San Francisco, I fell in love! (One just opened in LA!)

I thought I’d try my hand at making some Horchata. I just kinda looked at a handful of recpies and winged it so I’ll tell you what I did (sort of) but I didn’t write down any measurements. Opps. I’ll try it again one day and make a for real recipe.

Last night I soaked about 1 3/4 cup of almonds and 1 cup of rice (half brown half white…like me!)

Today I blended the nuts with the water then strained through cheese cloth (I’ve never used cheese cloth before. I made a huge mess… I need to practice with this. Then I did the same for the rice



Then I used the pulp from both and another cup of blended rice and soaked it again in some water with some cinnamon and 2 or 3 blended dates (I don’t know if the dates really enhanced anything). Then after an hour or two I strained that. Mixed it all together, added more cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and about 1/4 cup of sugar. I just tasted it and adjusted as needed, more cinnamon here, a pound of sugar there, you know.



Pop a lid on those suckers and pour them over ice all day ‘ery day.



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