Fully Raw Day 1

Ok guys…I’m a little nervous but I’m going fully raw (ok it will probably end up being MOSTLY raw) for the next 21 days! I’ve never tried going raw before so this may be a bit challenging seeing as I love pizza and chips. I had some delicious Indian food  and then ate at Healthy Junk last night to go out with a bang.

So I have somehow convinced my mother to do the challenge with me (not vegan at all) and as motivation to stick with it I’m posting our weights and measurements (she won’t let me post her before pictures)!

Stephanie: 115 lbs

Wasit: 29 inches

Hips 38.5 inches

Alma: 145.4 lbs

Waist: 37 inches

Hips: 43 inches

Here are my before shots: Eek!


Harry is confused:


I’m following Fully Raw Kristina’s 21 Day Challege. She says the number one mistake when going raw is not eating enough. So I’m going to try my best to keep eating (that’s never been a problem before!) I spent so much money yesterday on fruit and only got about half the things on her week 1 list. I’m going to just buy organic for the dirty dozen and get the rest at cheap corner markets and see if that helps.


Day one I made her Sunbust Juice


1-2 Large Pineapples, Sliced

5-7 Pink Lady for Fuji Apples

Juice of 7 Oranges

Juice of 1 Lemon

3-4 Leaves of Kale

Run all ingredients through your juicer, strain, and enjoy!  (I didn’t strain mine)




I might be posting more on facebook for little updates so check that out if you like! https://www.facebook.com/saplingvegan

8 thoughts on “Fully Raw Day 1

  1. That is awesome 🙂

    I am back on my 90% raw for a bit too. Got lazy around September.

    Best of luck. you look awesome though even starting out. Not so much about weight (as you may bloat, feel sick first few days to week and gain some, while the body is cleaning itself and adjusting :)) but how much better you feel and look later.

    • I think so far I am not eating enough and that’s contributing to the crappy feeling I have right now. My eyes hurt! I have a feeling it might also be pricey. I’ll see how it goes and keep ya posted.Advise is always welcome!

    • Aw tanks B sis. Not really doin’ it to lose weight. I know when I went vegan I felt soooo much better than when I was just vegetarian so I just want to see if I feel any other benefits from raw. I can’t foresee STAYING raw after the 21 days but if I feel great I’ll probably add in a lot more raw into my day to day diet.

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