So, Vegan, what do you eat?!

If you’re vegan or even vegetarian,you’re no stranger to the question, “So what do you eat?”

A lot of being a passionate vegan is about finding new recipes, making hyper fancy vegan versions of your old favorites, and impressing your non vegan friends and family with food that isn’t gross (as they were probably expecting it to be).

While I’m into all of that too, it’s not a daily goal. Let’s talk about what we eat on a Monday evening when we’re too tired to go to the store or whip up some homemade biscuits  and gravy. We’re people too dammit and that means sometimes we just don’t feel like cooking, although we’d like to think our endless vegan energy never fails us at dinner time, it occasional does.


So here is an easy go to for me. What’s your “I don’t want to cook” meal?







cranberry sauce



truffle salt


Cranberry sauce my new favorite thing! I use it as a spread on sandwiches and as salad dressing!

ImageI LOVE cilantro on a sandwich. And on pretty much anything else.


Don’t forget the potato chips and just remember vegan is not synonymous with healthy although the do often overlap.



* I know you don’t need pictures of how to assemble a sandwich, but what would a food blog be without pictures!

6 thoughts on “So, Vegan, what do you eat?!

  1. This looks delish! I love cranberry sauce on a sandwich. My current favorite “I don’t want to cook” meal is a crispy baked potato topped with either margarine and salt & pepper or vegan queso and broccoli.

  2. I am starting to eat more vegan and there are a lot of options if you are willing to get creative! I have a lot of recipes on my blog thatyou might enjoy!!

  3. Cranberry sauce on a sandwich? Brilliant!! I love having a little something sweet with something that is otherwise mostly savory. I love a good sandwich but the bread has to be just perfect…not too soft and not too hard. I am still on the hunt for a good vegan bread-machine recipe.

    Right now, my go-to non-cooking meals are salads and roasted vegetables. I know roasted vegetables are technically “cooking” but I still consider it lazy b/c the oven does the work!

    • Ya the bread u use is not the best but it’s the only vegan “healthy” bread I can find at Trader Joe’s It’s kinda dry but the cranberry sauce helps that!

      Roasted veggies are the best for lazy days!

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