Vegan Cuts Snack Box!

Hey Dudes!

I received my 3rd Vegan Cuts Snack Box today and it is a winner! This is the best box I have gotten so far. Larger samples and products than before and everything looks amazing. Only negative is that my soda is kinda wonky. I think the heat made it expand but at least it didn’t burst!


Here is what was inside:

Emmy’s Organics lemon ginger macaroons

Squarebar cocoa crunch bar

Lesserevil BBQ chia crisps

Garden of Life Raw protein powder- coffee flavor

Boomchickapop sea salt popcorn

Dream Water sleep aid

Zevia black cherry soda

MRM electrolyte drink power

Pretzel Crisps pretzels

and a coupon for $2 off Zevia

I can’t wait to dig in!

Don’t forget I’m a Vegan Cuts Ambassador (just means I get a a few buck of the sale if you buy through my link)

My Link! Shop away! Also my birthday is coming…ok in March, but I really want LVX nail polish.


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