It’s not a baby but it’s the next best thing to grow…a zucchini! There is another one in there but I think I’ll give that one a few more days. I’m over the moon!


I had no idea zucchini plants grew so big.


I know it’s just a vegetable but I planted a seed and now it’s THIS! I’m going to eat it so hard.

5 thoughts on “I GREW THIS!

  1. You go girl! You deserve to “eat it so hard” (btw, this made me laugh. I love using this phrase) because you grew it with your own two hands. I wish I could grow food successfully. *sigh*.

    • Dude! I didn’t do anything special at all. They grew so fast! i started them out in a seedling starter thing and then transferred them when I felt like it wouldn’t break if I touched them and the plants grew really fast. All I did was water it daily. You can do it!

      • Hmmm, maybe I’ll give it another go next summer. The major problem I have is with bugs. I tried growing tomatoes and they were doing great and growing, but then one day, they were totally smushed in from some bugs. Ugh. Do you have any bug problems with your plants?

      • Oh ya…the bugs. I think that’s why my plant is dying haha. At least it died after growing 5 giant zucchini. I’m going to try out a home made bug spay…I’ll let ya know if it works!

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