Sharing Your Vegan Breastmilk is the New Black

One of my biggest fears is that when I have a baby (whenever that may be) my body will betray me and I will not be able to produce any or enough breastmilk. I think I would be quite devastated. But now I need not worry Because I can just google Kind Mamma Milk Share and feed my baby and trick it into thinking it’s my milk!


Alicia Silverstone, of Clueless fame, is a superhero of a vegan and she’s making things happen. Her friend was having trouble producing enough breastmilk and couldn’t find a milk donor who was making the same vegan lifestyle choices she was so Alicia said , “Duh, let me just start a vegan milk share program on my way cool website,” Β (At least I’m assuming that’s what she said).

Not sure who facilitates the sharing or what prcausions are taken, seems like just a forum where you can see who has extra milk and who needs milk and I guess you set something up on your own.

Either way my heart feels a little lighter knowing that I will have options if I ever truly needed to find a milk donor (unless I become a dog lady and never have kids).

Check out the article on her page here.


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