Mexican Grandmother approved tamales

This was my first attempt at making tamales. So were bigger than others, some fell apart (but I still ate them), all were delicious.

you should definitely get your corn husky ready before you begin since they take like an hour or two to soften up. I boiled them in water for like 15 minutes then let then turned off the heat and let them soak. Instead of lard, for the masa I used coconut oil so it’s still fatty but it’s fatty without an animal and that’s always better *cough* grandma *cough*.

*I had to borrow a tamle steaming pot from my grandma. You just need to have a double boiler that you can stand the tamles up in, not lay them down.TAMALE POT

Masa: ​I just followed the recipie on my bag of masa so you should do whatever you bag says.


coconut oil



Lentels from Trader Joes (in a package)

A yam and or sweet potato…I think I bought both because sometimes it’s confusing to tell them apart, ok?!


Salt- to taste

pepper- to taste

Garlic powder- to tatse

Onion Powder to taste
*Let it be noted that I used what you see in the pictures and I made way too much filling so maybe omit a zucchini and a yam

just dice and cook it all up in a pan and when it’s soft it’s ready. Add the yams/ sweet potatoes first to your pan and after like 5-7 minutes add the zucchini since they cook faster.

Ok Here we go:

  • Boil corn husks for like 20 minutes and then turn off the heat and let them soak for 90 minutes…ish.
  •  The filling: yams/sweet potatoes, zucchini, and lentils (I used prepackaged from Trader Joe’s)
  •  Yams/ sweet potatoes. Just use two. Peel, cut in half down the length, halves lengthwise a few times, cut across to dice.
  •  Cut in half lengthwise, cut lengthwise a few more times then across to dice.
  •  Masa, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, lime, coconut oi
  •  Masa spread in corn husk
  •  Add the filling
  •  Fold in half like a taco, press masa together
  •  Tuck left side husk to the right side
  • Tucking left side huck to the right
  •  Then fold the right side over to the left
  •  Tuck the bottom under
  •  The inside


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